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Maui Dog Remedies K9 Coach dog training services are customized to suit the needs of you and your dog.

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Maui Dog Training Retreats | Staycation

I’ve always loved my work with dog training retreats. (Other trainers call it board and train, I’d much rather work one dog at a time in retreat mode!) I get to create a whole new picture for your dog to reference, an understanding of what word goes with what action, and once your dog has a better understanding of how we need them to operate in our world and still be able to be a dog too, I transfer that communication method to you. Its a win for you and your dog.

A Maui Dog Training Retreat is for those who

  • want a better behaved dog
  • have a puppy and want a super star start
  • have an unresolved issue you’ve been trying to work on but are frustrated, don’t know what to do or have tried to work with to no avail
  • are going out of town and need a safe secure place for your dog to be well taken care of while working on being the best dog ever | staycation
  • want to join me in a journey to the best relationship ever with your dog, which spills over into the rest of everything you do every single day

Most retreats are two weeks, but custom programs for each dog’s needs and your travel plans are available.

We took our 1 1/2 year old, 85-pound “wild” Weimaraner/Great Dane mix to K9 Coach dog training retreat hoping for the best, but not expecting much. What we got was no less than a miracle.  ~Kaiya & Grizzly

Contact me by e-mail or call 808-936-4388 with questions.  To get more of my writing and work with dogs, fun things to do with your dog in Maui, and healthy dog food and treat recipes sign up here:  REVIBE | Dogs + Joy + Vibrance

Maui Short & Long Term Dog Boarding

Maui Dog Remedies by K9 Coach is a new concept in boarding for your dog or puppy. Boarding that has structure leaves your dog not only well exercised at the end of the day, but also well mannered. Dog’s that attend our program get plenty of social time with other dogs but they also learn good manners through practicing obedience, taking individual walks, and having mandatory down time where they learn to just “chill out”.

Boarding with structure is our motto and it is what makes for a happy and content dog at the end of your dogs’ stay.  Our boarding or day care is available by private scheduled stays.  Short and long term dogs can join us to meet your needs but all dog’s must be pre-approved prior to attending.  To schedule an evaluation, please contact us. If you’re dog needs some obedience training prior to enrolling in the short or long term boarding session, we will discuss one of our training options with you.

Dog Training Maui Hawaii

Private dog training offers personalized attention. Maui Dog Remedies by K9 Coach provides you with an understanding of how your dog thinks and learns. I will help you establish communication with your dog and customize dog training for your lifestyle.

If your dog has dog aggression, separation anxiety , other dog behavior issues or just needs basic obedience, private sessions allow us to get your dog past the issues and give you time to learn on a one on one basis tailored to your individual needs.

Maui Dog Remedies by K9 Coach works. I understand you and your dogs’ needs and tailor Private Dog Training to individual traits and lifestyle.

Contact me at 808-936-4388 with questions. or to get more of my writing and work with dogs, fun things to do with your dog in Maui, and health dog food and treat recipes sign up here:  REVIBE | Dogs + Joy + Vibrance

If you are not in Hawaii, wherever you live you can train from your own home with Skype dog training sessions.

What to Expect from Maui Dog Training Retreats

Maui Dog Remedies by K9 Coach offers a highly successful In-Kennel Dog Camp and private training in Maui.  Our private training home is located in Upcountry Maui.

We use basic obedience as your dog’s new job to help redirect nervous habits and bad manners while establishing you as the leader. Your dog will be trained in and around our homes, as well as visits to dog friendly stores or restaurants,  park or beach treks and trail work, depending on your needs.


We focus on loose leash walking, sit, come and off-leash recall as exercise and a job; as a result, you will be able to drain pent-up energy using commands like: sit, come, off, place, let’s go and heel. Maui Dog Remedies by K9 Coach utilizes affection as our number one reward in training!

Practice makes permanent.

Your dog will have a new job and will gain confidence that can eliminate previous issues!  We believe in exercise, mental challenges, guidance and repetition regarding behavioral modification.  Maui Dog Remedies by K9 Coach teaches Dog Psychology and how to communicate with your dog.

Be The Best for Your Dog

Let us teach him or her the skills they need to turn negative energy into positive action.  Understand how your dog thinks and become the leader they want.  Learn how to communicate with your dog so they can be the well-mannered and happy dog you would like.

Need To Train Your Dog But It Doesn’t Fit Into Your Schedule?

K9 Coach Dog Boot Camp Training works.  If you’ve got specific problems or need basic training help, K9 Coach In-Kennel Dog Training is designed to help you maintain your dog’s new training on your own, under distraction, in your lifestyle, and real world situations. Dogs need mental stimulation, an outlet for their energy, and a sense of achievement.

  • Want to train your dog to not bolt through a door? We train you how.
  • Want your dog to lie calmly as you have a meal? We teach you how.
  • Want your dog to walk properly at your side,
    without pulling or constant marking? We show you how.

5K Training Guide | Running with Dogs

The 5K Training Guide | Running with Dogs was written for those who have never run a 5K AND for those who are experienced and looking to add their dog as a loyal training partner.  It’s great training fun for both of you.

The Psychology of Dog

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