Urban Agility Big Island Style

Urban Agility Hawaii

What is Urban Agility | K9 Cross Fitness?

Urban agility is done outdoors in parks, by the beach, on trails and roads and open areas on the Big Island. We use everyday things you would find while out and about, as well a few home made props as our official agility equipment.

Mental stimulation is just as important as full on exercise for you dog. Urban agility teaches you to recognize every day things as obstacles creating your own agility course, without the cost and the rigidity of standard competition agility equipment.

Who is Urban Agility For?

What if my dog doesn’t even have basic training? Is urban agility still for my dog?

Yes. What many people never get the chance to do is apply “basic training” to real life. Instead they focus on an obedience training class, usually about the time that your dog seems out of control and you’ve reached the tipping point of actually getting something done.

In real life urban agility teaches your dog to wait and stay, to take direction from you and to pay attention even with the distraction of other dogs. It doesn’t matter if you are starting from scratch, had some training, have an older dog or a puppy, in essence urban agility teaches basic obedience skills only it’s fun.

Do I Need to Commit to An 8 Week Series to Sign Up for Urban Agility?

NO! Urban Agility Big Island Style is for those who want to do things with their dog. In order TO DO THINGS with your dog you need a little training.

How many times have you scene or heard about an agility class for dogs and thought, “Awwww that would be way cool to do with my dog.”

Only to find out upon inquiring that the rules and regulations are quite stringent, you must be at a series of 8 classes, week after week, and you have to find a group of dogs that are at your same level. Chances are, at that point you are out. Or you try it and find it’s a bit overwhelming.

Still to say “I do agility” with my dog would be a cool thing for your dog and for you. It makes for great photo opportunities too and we all love pictures of our dogs!

*by the way, taking dog photos is part of Urban Agility Big Island Style.

Many people don’t end up actually doing any formal training with their dog for these reasons:

  • You can’t make all 8 weeks, or even 4 weeks for that matter of the class series.
  • The training series is too expensive.
  • Your dog did a basic obedience class and it didn’t go so well.
  • The dog trainer made you feel like you were bad at training your dog.
  • Your dog is still a little wild even after all of your attempts to follow the Dog Whisperer on TV

Urban Agility is dog training in Kona that is:

  • Only $10 per session.
  • You only need to confirm when you CAN be there . In other words come when you can for as long as you want or only a few sessions!
  • Teaches you how dogs think and learn versus just how to make your dog sit during class.
  • Is fun for you and for your dog.
  • Is for dogs of all ages and abilities.
  • Gives you the chance to apply training to real life things to do with your dog.
  • Teaches your dog to be a good socializer.
  • You can work on the basics until your dog gets it.
  • You can advance as far as you want with fun things to do with your dog.
  • You both get exercise, fresh air, and enjoy all the wags along the way.

*Note if you need to check “Does Not Play Well With Others in regards to how your dog deals with other dogs, or even the sight of other dogs, contact me here!

*Your dog MUST be vaccinated for Parvo to join class.

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