Training Your Dog to Come To You as A Habit

Training your dog to come to you every single time is nothing more than changing habit. Just like anything if you never practice the fundamentals and go straight to the big time, failure is sure to be found. In the case of making recall a habit, your dog must be able to do it from 2-5 feet reliably before you can ever expect your dog to come romping across an entire 100 yards at the utterance of “come here” every single time.

Teaching Your Dog To Come

First get your dog to sit. Then back up two steps. Yes only two. Call your dog to you.

That is how it begins and until you can get your dog to do that with ease, forget even trying it from another distance. Dogs do in fact learn in pictures so make this one clear before adding the distraction of all the things that could get in the way with distance.

Training Your Dog is Like Changing a Habit

So you want to stop eating junk food. You have to replace it with something else like fruit or nuts or something green. It has to become a habit or you will go on eating junk food. You have to resist the old habit and do the new for the result you are looking for, and so desire.

The concept is no different for the dog and recall. You want your dog to stop ignoring you when you need her to come here right now. You have to replace the habit of letting her do whatever she wants and teach her what it means first. Replace roaming with at least 20 repetitions of come here from 2-5 feet away every day. Make it a habit. Resist letting her wander off until you have 2-5 feet mastered.

Move on to the next distance. Make it a habit.

Practice from as many different spots in the house and outside as possible. Dogs need to see this picture over and over and over again with all kinds of different sights and sounds in order for it to become an automatic habit.

Make Training Your Dog A Game

As with any new habit, take it on as a game. Play the game all the time and have fun while you do it. New habits are fun. Don’t get stuck staying the same. That’s no fun!

Dog Photo Challenge

Try playing this game with your dog and take photos in as many different places as you can. Send a photo and your story to me. (you’ll first need to send an e-mail, I’ll respond to give you a place to upload your photo) I’d love to feature your best friend in the gallery.  You’ll get holistic dog treats for your story!

*Bella lives on the Big Island Hawaii and has her video is taken from location around Kailua Kona Hawaii

Jt Clough lives on the Big Island, Hawaii, and practices health, happiness and natural remedies, while working as a Habits Coach for people looking to live healthier and happier lives.  She is a dog whisperer for our best friends; and studies natural dog remedies, nutrition and communication.  Her latest e-book is 5K Training Guide | Running with Dogs.

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