Things You Can’t Do When You Are Not a Dog

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Whether you are a dog owner or not, this video is really funny, pointing out behavior we  tolerate on a daily basis.  It is amazing how ridiculous it seems when a human is doing it, yet we can ignore it when the dog behaves this way.

Being in the dog training world for quite some time there are things in this video I find acceptable, even quite tolerable and some that really can be trained for… in the case that you really are a dog.  If you are a person, well, it’s out of my realm to get you some help… you’ll need to find that on your own!

Barking at the Front Door

This is one I can actually classify as tolerable.  It is true that your home is much less likely to be broken into because you own a dog.  Barking at the door can be a great alarm system.  If the barking goes on and on, that’s another story but a short outburst as a live alarm system is a good thing.

Jumping on Guests

This one should be on your list for training.  Really not cool for anyone to deal with no matter what size the dog.  With a few tips and dog training basics your dog can learn to sit when greeting a guest at your door.

Licking Yourself

I’ve heard on a number of occasion that most men wish they could do this trick!  My personal opinion on this one… personal preference.  You can train your dog to stop licking on command, but don’t expect that this behavior won’t happen when your dog gets the chance.  One of the joys of being a dog is you can do this one in public and get away with it.

Begging at the Table

No.  Not good.  Train your dog not to beg.  As a lab owner this one is really important at my house.  Some dogs love food more than others.  Feeding from the table is a really bad idea and will encourage this habit.  Guests hate this.  Not cool.  Send your dog to hang out on a bed or some designated spot while you eat.


Ya gotta admit, this one was funny, but if it’s your leg getting humped, not so funny all.  Dogs are dogs to a certain degree, but tolerating this behavior shouldn’t be part of your relationship with your dog.  Maui Dog Training goes with something as simple as “sit” to stop this behavior and most people find it a really good plan.

Peeing on a Newspaper

Potty training is in the top few reasons why people call Maui Dog Training for professional help.  Many times it simply due to your puppy or dog being confused about where to go.  Starting your dog out on newspapers or potty pads is a big no in this trainer’s opinion.  Dogs learn and think in pictures.  Newspapers in the house to a dog that was shown this technique early on is hard habit to break.  Teach your dog to go outside.

Rear End Sniffing

Another one for personal preference.  A dog can get away with this one and yea, it’s sort of a dog thing.  You decide what is OK and what isn’t here.  As long as your dog isn’t accosting people with an over zealous nose… like sticking his nose where it shouldn’t be, a little sniffing isn’t going to hurt anyone.

Sleeping on the Bed

Yet another you decide.  The age old myth that says your dog will become dominant because due to sleeping on the bed is just that really… a myth.  We have our dogs these days for many personal reasons and sometimes the cuddle factor is high on the list.  That being said, if you have a dog with behavioral issues, this could be a problem.  You know if this is the case and if so seeking professional training is highly recommended.

Taking a Dump On The Sidewalk

Another one for your discrepancy.  The only rule that MUST be followed on this one…. have a bag and pick it up.  Personally, I like to train my dogs where to go.  At home there is an area in the side yard.  When we are out and about I like to show them where I want them to go.  Even better, let your dog do the duty before going out and about to cut down on the unexpected places the urge might happen. Potty training is a biggie for harmony in the household.  Go about this one right and everyone is much happier…. including your dog.

Running Out An Open Door

This one goes on the not cool category.  Not only is it a big safety hazard for your dog, but it is one of those things that can really hamper how your daily routine goes at your home.  I know people who have to barely crack the door and slither out themselves so the dog doesn’t push through and take off.  A good solid recall (come when called) and boundary training is highly recommended here.

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