Swimming with Your Dog in Maui

Swimming with Your Dog in Maui

Maui Swimming DogsIt’s definitely a dog’s life here in Maui. We do have the luxury of taking our dogs to the beach to frolic and swim. Not only is it a great form of exercise that builds excellent fitness, but it easier on the joints and ligaments of dogs, keeping them healthy and living longer more vibrant lives.

Teaching Your Dog to Swim in Maui

As a dog trainer I get asked a lot how to get a dog to like the water. Well the answer is the same as it is for people who aren’t exactly comfortable with the water. You start doing fun things around the water, which eventually leads to getting in the water.

No, it isn’t a good idea to teach the dog to swim by throwing them in and letting them figure it out!

Which is why I learned to swim at 32 years old! I can’t quite remember the details but I do remember being young and my dad throwing me in so I could figure it out. (Um… grew up old school in Montana, I’m sure no one would do this to their child today, but they might try it with their dog!) No wonder I was scare shitless of water for the longest time!

I went on to do 9 Ironmans and love swimming and the reason I tell you this story is because it can be the same for your dog.

Start Doing Water Things With Your Dog

The first step to getting your dog comfortable with the water is to go by the water. Walk at the Ocean’s edge. Let your dog get used to the sound and feel of the water coming in and going out.

That’s all you have to do to start. We tend to want things to happen way too fast and in that way of thinking and doing we don’t get to really ever do the fun stuff we want.  The old all or nothing the very first time out stops all of us, including our dogs from that fun life with think about having in our heads.

Don’t think your dog has to swim the equivalent of a doggy Ironman the first day out!

I went from 2 laps or 50 yards in a pool to 4,000 yards of non stop swimming, but I did it over time. Adding a few laps at a time to get to that Ironman status. Its the same concept with your dog. Get the paws wet, and then build on that.

Now go out and have some fun with your dog. We live in Maui after all!!

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Are you having trouble getting your dog in the water?

If so I want to hear from you. Leave your comments below and let me know what I can help you with! And if you’ve done some fun stuff with your dog here on Maui I want to know about that too!

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