Running with Dogs on the Beaches of Maui

August Break photo 8:  Big Bright Flowers, The Beach, Maui Sunshine & My Dog

Carmella and I have been going to the beach every morning. We are here in Maui and realizing how important it is to keep free spirit part of our lives.

Running with Dogs

My favorite thing about our beach trips the last few days is when Carmella stops for a moment, looks at me, I give her a nod and she takes off, running with wild abandon.  It is so fun to watch a Weimaraner open up and run as hard as she can.  She loves to run.

The look of joy, the look of her free spirit on the beaches of Maui with her pink flowered scarf, stubby wag wag of her tail and her ears flying in the breeze is enough to make one realize now is the time to begin doing that thing that is so important but have you’ve been too afraid to do anything about.

The photos on the blog this month are my addition to August Break

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Jt Clough lives in Maui, Hawaii and practices health, happiness and natural remedies. Her work at ReVIBE | Dogs + Joy + Vibrance is for people looking to live healthier and happier lives through their dogs and her passion for it has helped so many to find and do that thing they’ve been talking about or wishing to happen for so long. She is a dog whisperer for our best friends and studies natural dog remedies, nutrition and communication. Her latest publications are Pumpkin Dog Food + Treats Recipes and 5K Training Guide | Running with Dogs.

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