Running with Dogs on Maui

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Running with Dogs On Maui

One of my favorite things to do with my Weimaraner dog is run.  I love running with my dog. She’s the best training partner ever.  In fact I tell her I love her more than anything usually on a daily basis.

The beauty of Maui is not only the beaches but the tropical rains, the lush green plants, the access to outdoor activity almost every day of the year.  As a dog trainer I see this as the best place on earth to have a good dog.  A well exercised dog is a happy dog.  And that usually is true of people too.

Maui Dog Outdoor Elements – Ticks & Fleas

With all that good there are things to guard against when it comes to dogs and tropical temperatures year round.  Ticks and fleas.  An outbreak of one of these in your home can prove to be really awful.  For your dog, and for you.

I use harsh chemicals as little as possible, in fact I resort to them hardly ever on purpose.  Our daily exposure to them without our knowledge is enough.  Imagine what it must be like for a dog with those noses that pick up scents a thousands times better than we do.

When it comes to ticks and fleas there are some things you can do year round that are on the holistic end of the spectrum to protect your dog from them.

Treating Ticks & Fleas on Maui

Diatomaceous Earth (the food grade type) kills bugs.  It has been reported to be the most effective solution when fighting pests like fleas, ants and bed bugs!

So how do you use it?  As long as it’s food grade you can take the powder and rub it in your dog’s coat.  You can spread it on your furniture, floors and pet beds, let is sit and then vacuum it up.  And you can even feed a small bit to your dog (works for you too!) to get rid of intestinal parasites.  Wowza!

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Jt Clough lives in Maui, Hawaii and practices health, happiness, natural remedies and training for dogs and their people.  Her way of communication with both dogs and people is healing and her training is effective physically and emotionally.

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