Puppy Training the Sit Stay Trick

The greatest thing ever about training a puppy is it makes the best friend you could ever imagine early on in your relationship. In Hawaii it’s called puppy training of the best kine! The rest of you can go with kind, which is a good word as well.

I love it when people start right away with training a puppy the sit and down, which in the long run will make for a really great stay.  You need not think of it as training.  Your puppy thinks any attention is play so go with it and have some fun.

The video shows an ~16 week old puppy doing sit – park it, and down – relax. This is the foundation for the best “stay’ ever. The mistake most people make is adding that word “stay” way too early before the puppy or older dog for that matter, have ever practiced to sit, or down for even one second.

Think of the sit and down as nothing more that a trick to teach every single puppy.

Begin the Sit Trick Training

Have your puppy sit, you may need to help her the first several times. Help means you may need to lean over, bend down or whatever you have to do to get to eye level and put your fingers on the upper hips with a downward motion. This helps your puppy understand what position sit even means.

Once she’s done it, give the treat. Make a note here: the treat comes ideally right as the puppy sits when first starting to teach sit.  The idea is to attach the word with the action in the moment. Because puppies and dogs learn in pictures your role in the game is to name the picture right when it happens.

Stretching the Sit for More than a Second

Once the puppy has figured the sit part out start stretching out the time she can hold a sit and then give the treat. That’s how this “park it” thing comes into play. *”Park it” in this case is going to mean the same as stay but we’ll go to that step in the next blog post. Should you want to stay tuned please sign up for the Healthy Living Wag Report so you don’t miss some cool dog thing from the K9 Coach at Big Island Dog!)

Another note for those of you beginning with a new “sit” training tick for any dog, use a bed or something that gives your dog a target to sit on. That way should the pup jump up without completing the trick, or after less than a second which is normal in the beginning, you have a place to target her right back to.  It’s another secret dog trainer trick to getting a great stay or park it in the long run!

For now, practice sit over and over and over in this manner. Don’t get frustrated. It takes repetition. LIke a thousand times.

Just trust me on this one… it the set up for the best “park it” or “stay” ever.

Questions about getting your dog to do something?

Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

If you are in Kailua Kona private dog or puppy training lessons are available.

If you are anywhere else in the world contact me to set up a Dog Training Skype Session. *Note the puppy in the video is training with me by Skype!

Jt Clough lives on the Big Island, Hawaii, and practices health, happiness and natural remedies, while working as a Habits Coach for people looking to live healthier and happier lives.  She is a dog whisperer for our best friends; and studies natural dog remedies, nutrition and communication.  Her latest e-book is 5K Training Guide | Running with Dogs.

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