Pumpkin Dog Food + Treats + Recipes and Carrageenan

All natural, organic, wholesome. All words we are looking to find in our dog food and treats these days. Especially after the big dog food recalls of late. Now we start hearing words like carrageenan. What is carrageenan and what does it have to do with dog food?

*May 2012 – the National Organic Standards Board will be deciding on whether to continue to allow carrageenan as an approved ingredient in organic foods (human as well as animal foods). Supporters of carrageenan argue it is a ‘natural’ ingredient sourced from seaweed. However significant research has found carrageenan to be far from ‘natural’ and has linked the ingredient to serious health concerns.

Cornucopia.org states “The International Agency for Research on Cancer recognizes degraded carrageenan as a “possible human carcinogen,” based on research showing that it leads to higher rates of colon cancer in lab animals. There are two kinds of carrageenan – degraded and undegraded. Carrageenan processors claim that food-grade carrageenan falls entirely in the undegraded category; however, a 2005 study showed that not a single sample of food-grade carrageenan could confidently claim to be entirely free of the potential cancer-causing material.”

*quoted from Dogs Naturally Magazine

My advice on carrageenan goes right along with Dogs Naturally Magazine – just don’t do it.

Dog Food + Treats Ideas

It’s hard as it is for human’s to stay away from all the additives we don’t even know about that effect our bodies and long term health. When it comes to dog food, it’s especially true considering the fact that the requirements to list where and what is in the manufacturing process are sketchy to say the very least.

Here’s the best way to get real wholesome for your dog. Make your own!

One of the healthiest ingredients you can add to your dog’s diet – pumpkin.

Try out Pumpkin Dog Treat Biscuit Recipe

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