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Maui Puppy TrainingMaui Puppy Training

We all want to start out right when it comes to starting off with a new puppy. The vision of a perfectly trained dog living Maui Island style comes to mind when we bring that cute little thing home.

Somehow that first few weeks fly by, with more than a few mistakes made. Part out of not knowing what to do with a new puppy and part out of thinking it’s just a baby and we can let a lot of things slide at least for a while….

Maui Puppy Training and Influence

There is a big difference in teaching a set behavior, like sit, or put your butt on the ground and keep it there, which becomes stay and retaining an emotion. Puppies and dogs do learn both, a set behavior and influence in emotion.

I think it’s probably the most overlooked thing in both dog owners and in trainers alike. Understanding that what we do, what we think, how we follow through with something being difficult or not, does influence the behavior of puppies, dogs and our best friends.

Real Life Puppy Training Versus the Classic Sit

Dog training is about creating influence on our dogs. How can we influence their behavior to get what we want?

If a puppy likes food they will be offering behaviors like “sit” for a treat. If they like a toy, they will do what you want for the reward of the toy. But what do we do when a puppy is suddenly fearful, or down right stubborn?

This is when we work on influence. Our influence comes in subtle things we do all the time and in how we use our body language, in our attitude, in our stick-to-itiveness. In the pictures we take the time to show our pups.

Knowing how dogs think and learn to shape that well trained dog we take everywhere with us here in Maui is a big part of it.  A part that someone like me loves to teach.

Because it is true, puppies need the classic sit and they need emotional influence. But puppies and dogs don’t learn logically as a toddler would. Which is the way most of us habit forming humans try to teach them.

It really comes down to more of a game of pictures. And so… a daunting task can become a fun game, with a bit of a paradigm shift.

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