Hawaii Sunset

August Break day 5 photo:  Hawaii Sunset

Sundays are the one day that it just seems like it should be a time to rest.  A time to relax.  A time to reflect.  My photo today was inspired by an hour of sitting on the beach before sunset.

If one lives by the beach, I believe it should become a practice missed rarely or better stated, a practice done regularly!  And I say this from experience.  I had stopped going to the beach for sunset.  Life gets busy.  Routine takes over.  Tonight I realized how rejuvenating it is, how I had time to put my upcoming week into perspective by spending an hour on the beach at sunset on Sunday.  I realized that I needed to go back to what my dogs have taught me so well….

Remember to live in the moment and to live each moment.

And on that note… take some time to spend with your dog too.  The rewards for you are huge.  They are even bigger for your dog.  You are their whole world and even if they don’t understand your words, they understand your voice and they certainly have your emotions in their best interest.

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Jt Clough lives in Maui, Hawaii and practices health, happiness and natural remedies. Her work at ReVIBE | Dogs + Joy + Vibrance is for people looking to live healthier and happier lives through their dogs and her passion for it has helped so many to find and do that thing they’ve been talking about or wishing to happen for so long. She is a dog whisperer for our best friends and studies natural dog remedies, nutrition and communication. Her latest publications are Pumpkin Dog Food + Treats Recipes and 5K Training Guide | Running with Dogs.


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