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August Break photo 6:  Friends | Very Good Friends

A week ago I got to go be the crew person for my friend Roch to do the Molokai2Oahu World Championship Paddleboard Race.  The experience was vast.

Crossing the channel in a small boat with Heather (Roch’s wife) and my very good friend as support people was more than amazing.  The water was rough, the swell was bigger than I’ve ever really been in, yet the excitement of sharing the race together made it yet another time we shared that will never be forgotten.  It made good friends become even better friends.

In case you were wondering, Heather and I had the  job of jumping in the very big wild deep blue ocean (yes sharks live there) and swimming to give Roch his liquid food that got him across the channel from Molokai to Oahu 6 hours and 5 minutes later!

Roch and Heather live in Encinitas, CA (San Diego) where I moved from about a year and a half ago.  I met them on the island of Molokai, a short flight from my home on another Hawaii island.  What I wasn’t expecting was so many of my Cali friend family to be there (all paddlers too).  It was a time where I realized the world can actually be quite small and friendship can be quite big!

Life Is Short | Take the Time for Friends

Life gets busy, life sometime gets overwhelming.  These are the times for our friends.  Take the time to be with a good friend.

Mahalo Roch and Heather for being my friends.

Dog as Very Good Friends

Of course I believe that our dogs are our very good friends as well.  As I write this blog tonight that I’ve committed to do every day in August, my dog lays beside me.  She’s checked in with me so many times today.  She given me her Weimer kisses, she has wagged her little short tail at me, she’s come to the window and then to the door as I came home from errands as an immediate greeting, so very glad to see you.  She will go to bed with me tonight.

She’s my Girl.  And though I haven’t voiced that things are changing, that life is challenging, she has been right here to listen and to not judge but only support.  It leads me to believe our friendships should follow the lead of how our dogs become our best friends.

Inspiration Through Your Dog

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