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The Art of Hanging out With the Dog

Ever see a homeless person walking around or just hanging out with their dog and wonder why they don’t seem to need a leash? Why is it these dogs stay right by their owners’ side, comes immediately when called and doesn’t bark at every moving entity that passes by. You’ve taken your dog to classes…

Off the Beaten Path | Dog Psychology | Believe

Off the Beaten Path A quiet beach on the Big Island. One boogie border getting every wave. Be you. That means sometimes don’t do what everyone else does. Be you. Believe The theme of this year is to LIVE with positive reaction. When it comes to my dog, it is time that I also believe….

Dog New Year’s Resolutions | To Run More

If your dog could make a New Year’s Resolution what do you think it would be? Actually I’d love to hear your thoughts so leave the answer to that one in the comments please. As a professional trainer the common answer would be if dogs could speak in English, “I want to run more.” Really….

Merry Christmas from K9 Coach Big Island Dog

This is what I love about dogs. They are in fact this cute. They warm our hearts. We love them more than words can sometimes explain. Seize as much joy as possible this holiday by finding all of those special moments you share with family, friends and of course your loyal dog. Let go of…

Dog Training Kailua Kona Big Island Hawaii and San Diego CA

The move has been made and here is what you can expect for dog training in 2012…. I train dogs and their people in Kailua Kona, The Big Island, Hawaii now! But, for those of you in San Diego the good news is great dog training continues on here as well. I wouldn’t leave 10…